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Secret that lurks in the final operation of "SUPARINPEI".HOME
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KATA of Gojuryu is full of the mystery and the code. The final operation of SUPARINPEI ends because of this strange operation. It is understood that it is a message in the art of throwing because this is the operation of the rotation. However, what is the operation of this strange both hands? Had you had the yuzenkaidoubt about this operation?In a book on KATA, it is often explained, "Both hands Koken-Uke". It will be able to be said that it is an explanation for the beginner. I explain the use of "Boshi-kyu" and "Shishi-kyu" of the palm in SUPARINPE. Your outlook on the Uke-Waza of Gojuryu will be sure to change completely if you will understand the use of "Shishi-kyu" of palm.
This operation is the technique to suppress the enemy who punch me by attacking the vital point of his wrist . In this technique, part "Shishikyu" (Abductor digiti minimi muscles) in the root of the little finger takes charge of the key role. (Figue1) The suppression of enemy's wrist to the vital point by "Shishikyu" is one of the secrets of Gojuryu. This secret is often used by "Hiki-uke". You assume that you practiced with hundreds of times. The enemy punches onto you. You defend enemy's Tuki with Hikiuke. (You instantaneously suppress the vital point of enemy's wrist with Shishikyu when expressing it accurately. )The enemy will be attacked by acute pain, and be thrown out by you at the moment.yuzenkai Figure 1(Shishi-kyu:子指丘)Part of palm used by joint technique of Suparinpei. When you will be able to master the usage in this part, you will become the expert of Gojuryu.

Figure 2(Boshi-kyu:拇指丘)
Part of palm multiused by usual joint technique of Gojuryu.
 yuzenkaiyuzenkaiyuzenkaiTo explain plainly, I assume my wrist clasped by the enemy. 
I do movement for the clasp of enemy's right wrist according to the operation of "Suparinpei".  
←This part is "Shishikyu".
I suppress the vital point of enemy's right wrist in this part.
 yuzenkaiyuzenkaiUnder such a condition, the vital point of enemy's wrist has already been suppressed.   
The enemy is twinged in the wrist, the elbow, and the shoulder. The enemy cannot resist this situation. It is also possible to remove enemy's cubital joint according to this timing.

In addition, I rule the enemy's operation by the left hand.
(In this situation, though the operation is also unnecessary. )

yuzenkaiThe final operation of SUPARINPEI is a rotation of clockwise. I press the enemy against ground while rotating clockwise. The enemy has only grovelling to ground. In this situation, it is easy to destroy enemy's joint of the shoulder and or the elbow.


Let's repeat the practice of the suppression of enemy's wrist by this "Shishikyu" with hundreds of times. Especially, let's try this technique with "Hikiuke". This "Suppression" will become possible for the enemy's fast punch. It is a secret of Gojuryu.